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vie pleine de rêves réalisés...

In case you ever wonder if you should learn Polish


remember this:

  •  in English, Spanish and Dutch there is only one  form of word “two” (two, dos, twee)
  • in Portuguese - two form (dois/duas)
  • in Croatian - seven different forms )dva, dvije, dvoje, dvojica, dvojice, dvojici, dvojicu)
  • and in Polish there are SEVENTEEN orms of that word (dwa, dwie, dwoje, dwóch (or dwu), dwaj, dwiema, dwoma (or dwóm), dwoma, dwojga, dwojgu, dwojgiem, dwójka, dwójki, dwójkę, dwójką, dwójce, dwójko)


My all-time favourite artists » Edmund Blair Leighton

English. Painter of historical genre scenes, specializing in Regency and medieval subjects.

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We love, we live, We give what we can give, And take what little we deserve…

And it felt beautiful, And I felt beautiful, Lost in the music once more, Feeling it rise up and soar, Alive once again…

Mary Poppins - Opening Night | Vienna, October 1, 2014